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Solar Farm Grounds Management Vegetation Control

  While operation and maintenance (O&M) are vital to the long term success of the PV industry, one of the aspects of maintaining the investor’s energy assets is often overlooked in both the design and implementation until the racking is up, the modules are on, and the grass begins to grow. But rather than jumping […]


The Misconception of Price

  Solar energy has suffered a long and painful misconception of being too expensive to be considered seriously by state and federal legislators as a power producer. So much so in fact, that in a very public manner, legislators which misguidedly stand in the way of solar energy have attempted to codify the expense as […]


Moore’s Law

  My name is James Huff. I am the CEO for abakus solar USA inc. we are a German company based in Gelsenkirchen and Cologne, where I worked as director of business development since 2007 until January of this year. Before that I founded a small company in Nashville, called south eastern alternative energy solutions. […]


Bill Hicks is Still Relevent

  When I hear the vitriol directed at the solar industry due to the Solyndra collapse, and the reports about how the renewable industry has been a huge waste of money for the country, I make a mental association with Bill Hicks and some of his work as a standup comedian. But Mr. Hicks, much […]


Decreasing the Cost of Solar Requires a Market

  It has come to my attention that a rather large group of people believe that the cost of solar modules will continue dropping indefinitely, until the price is so cheap that it will beat pricing of electricity produced from coal from day one of installation (Solar is already cheaper than coal, but the timeline […]


REPP – Renewable Energy Purchase Price

  Here are some points to outline a proper policy to expand the use of renewables, grow the economy, increase jobs, and generate profit for both the utility and investors. 1. Utility companies (Dominion and COOPs) must be allowed by the SCC to purchase renewable energy for resale at a rate which provides profit margin […]


The Importance of Solar Installation Appraisal

  What types of things does a typical person do to their home before they sell it? Or better yet, what types of improvements does an investor make to a property he purchased for resale? Granite counter-tops, a privacy fence, added parking spaces, additional offices… these are all improvements to property, both residential and commercial, […]

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